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Radial tire has a ply rating of 8 and a 1,610-lb maximum load at

The quality of tire is equally important, a C rated name brand tire is better than a D rated knockoff no brand tire. It may also be worth looking into radial, DOT approved passenger vehicle or LT tires. They'll ride smoother than regular bias ply trailer tires, and are generally held to higher standards of durability, traction, and tread life. 3.The OEM tires are 175/80 13" Loadstars with a D load range. However, it appears that no one makes this size tire in anything above a C load range anymore. I've searched online and had my local garage contact their suppliers, to no avail. So my questions are: First, can I get away with a C load range?LT tires often have load ranges such as C, D, or E, which indicate the tire’s load-carrying capacity. For example, an LT tire might be labeled as “LT265/70R17 E,” or “ST265/70R17 E,” where “E” is the ply rating which is 10 ply. Load Range “C”: Commonly used for light-duty trucks and SUVs.

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The dependency load is the age-population ratio that is usually not a part of the work force. Dependency load is most commonly referred to as the dependency ratio. The total depend...Learn how to decode tire load ranges, which indicate the maximum weight a tire can safely support. Find out the difference between C and D load ranges, and how they affect tire performance and safety.In this video we swap out the load range c tires on my Chevy Silvedrado 2500hd for a set of load range e tires. We talk about load ratings and the differenc...Jun 10, 2019 · A typical code on a Light Truck & SUV tire looks like; 35 (Diameter)x12.5 (Width)R20 (Rim Size) E (Ply Rating) and our tires will have another spot on the tire with Load Index and Speed Rating. A speed rating will be an alphabetic number ranging from L-Z stating how fast the tire is rated for. Load Index will be numeric and will run from 0 - 150.2129 posts · Joined 2013. #8 · Feb 26, 2015. I run Cs as my FJ is my daily driver. Cs offer a smoother ride and better fuel economy. I also do a lot of wheeling and have never had an issue with my Cs. Unless your FJ is a dedicated rock crawler, Es are way overkill. Stock* 2013 Iceberg 6MT FJ Cruiser.2021+ Ford F150 - Load Range C vs E - Currently shopping tires. Don't have much need for an E tire, however that's almost all that's available in the sizes I'm after. Would prefer a lighter softer C tire for the improved ride and mpg. Noticed some published weights between the same size C vs E are nearly identical,...Load range D tire has a higher load-carrying capacity than load range C when well inflated. Some load range D tires can carry approximately 1,610 pounds at 65 psi, while the C tire carries a capacity of 1,360 pounds at …The D load range is rated for 2,540 pounds at 65 psi. And the E load range is rated for 2,830 pounds at 80 psi. If you had a single axle trailer with a gross weight rating of 5,000 pounds, you would use the D or E tires in this size since the C tires would be under rated for the weight. I have included a link to our help article on trailer ...Load Range C vs Load Range D Tires Click Here to Login: Portal: Register: Library: Registry. FAQ: Community: Calendar: Today's Posts: Search: Log in Thread Tools: Display Modes: 03-21-2013, 10:21 AM #1: Flagstaffer06. Senior Member . Join Date: Sep 2012. Location: Eastern PA. Posts: 246 Load Range C vs Load Range D Tires ...116. Gender: Male. First Name: Chad. Harrison, AR. Silver 20 TRD ORP. I have load range E factory size Toyo AT3 on Method NV and I really didn't notice a power difference highway mileage is 20-21mpg. I went E because of the rocky backroads here in the Ozarks, don't want a flat in the woods, been there done that.Introduction In the realm of tire technology, the term 'Load Range' is pivotal, reflecting a tire's ability to handle varying degrees of weight and pressure. This article aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of Load Range, distinguishing between XL (extra load) and SL (standard load) tires. We'll delve into how….As an example, their 2010 Year Book shows that Load Range "C" tires may require 35 psi (240 kPa) or 55 psi (380 kPa), Load Range "D" tires may require 50 psi (340 kPa) or 65 psi (450 kPa), and Load Range "E" tires may require 65 psi (450 kPa) or 80 psi (550 kPa) to achieve their Load Index and Maximum Loads. This is also the case in the tables ...If the load index of a load range D tire equates to a weight rating of a load range E tire, what advantage is there to buying a load range E? In researching studded snow tires for my F250 PSD, load range E are hard as hell to find, but the load index of the load range D is roughly equal.The load index indicates the load capacity of a tire at the maximum PSI. Load range is a measure of strength based on the number of layers, or plies, in a tire. In general, the more plies, the more load capacity the tire has. Most passenger vehicle tires are four-ply designs, while commercial tires, RV tires, and trailer tires may have 8, 16 ...Learn the difference between XL (extra load) and SL (standard load) tires, and how to choose the right load range for your car. Find out the factors that affect tire load capacity, such as vehicle weight, speed, and inflation pressure.Ramona CA. 2001 Tacoma 4WD Prerunner. 4WD Conversion. I'm in the middle of buying tires and I have narrowed it down to Cooper Discoverer AT3's but I can't decide on LT C rated tires or 4S SL rated tires. They would be 265 75 R16 either way. They would see about 1200 on road miles a month mostly highway and 1-2 off roading trips a month.In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient supply chain management is crucial for companies looking to stay competitive. One company that specializes in this area is CH Robins...The majority of tires in the market are load range C, D and E. This table shows the load index in the tire. Each load index in light truck sizes is also identified by two numbers. The first number is the maximum load in single wheel, and the second number is the maximum load in dual-vehicle applications. In this example, 121/118 represents the ...Load Range D. Before we had the E range, there was load range D. While still reliable, these tires support slightly less weight, ranging from 2,201 to 2,800 lbs per tire. They’re a favorite for many light trucks and larger SUVs. Remember, while they can handle a punch, they’re not quite as sturdy as E-rated tires. Load Range C

Yep, Load Range C KO2s. Not available in all sizes though. I would say Es are overkill for a 1/2 ton but then again they will be virtually road hazard free. Mine have driven through a lot of road debris and needed two patches in two years in two tires. Leaks were very slow. For what you're describing, driving profile wise, you don't NEED an AT ...LR/C: Load Range C - 6 ply rated: 50 psi: LR/D: Load Range D - 8 ply rated: 65 psi: LR/E: Load Range E - 10 ply rated: 80 psi: LR/F: Load Range F - 12 ply rated: 95 psi: Request Appointment. Related Articles. Do batteries naturally wear out over time? How do brakes work Big O Brake Warning SignsLoad range C tires have a ply rating of 6, and load range D tires have a ply rating of 8. Load range D tires are bit heavier built and have a higher weight capacity. The ST175/80D13 tire you were looking at is load range D and can bear 1,610 pounds at 65 psi. An ST17580D13 with load range C, like part # AM1ST76 can bear 1,360 pounds at 50 psi.Radial special trailer tire provides excellent traction for a safe, smooth ride in both wet and dry conditions. Constructed of double steel belts and full nylon plies. Fits 14" wheels and has a maximum load capacity of 2,200 lbs at 75 psi. Great Prices for the best trailer tires and wheels from Kenda. Karrier ST205/75R14 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range D part number AM10235 can be ordered ...

The load capacity could vary with the diameter of the tire, but a general rule of thumb is to not use B load range tires for hauling your trailer. C Load Range Tires. C load range tires are suitable for many types of trailers. With a tire pressure of 50 psi, a C range tire with a diameter of 14" can support a load of about 1,700 pounds per tire.Tire manufacturers have inflation pressure vs. weight charts for a reason. My reply regarding tire Load Range: If you change from LR-D to LR-E (or from LR-C to LR-D), you will only get an increase in load capacity, or an increase in the Reserve Load, if you run higher than the Certification Sticker inflation psi. If you look at the Load ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. On the Goodyear Duratrac/Authority the "C" rat. Possible cause: Flatbed truck beds are essential for transporting a wide range of goods and material.

Here’s what you need to know about Load Range C vs D tires. Load Range C tires are designed for light duty trucks and SUVs. They can carry up to 2,000 lbs of weight. Load Range D tires are designed for heavy duty trucks and SUVs. They can carry up to 4,000 lbs of weight. So, if you have a heavy duty truck or SUV, you’ll want to make sure ...Also, look at other comparisons before deciding load range c vs d. Our Observation: After analyzing both the load ranges, we have observed that the E-load range is a better option as it provides more safety features and can carry more weight than the C-load range. Although it is a bit costly, it is worth the investment as it will provide a ...The main difference between SL and XL tires is the amount of load they can carry. XL tires have a higher load-carrying capacity than SL tires. This means that XL tires can safely carry heavier loads than SL tires. In general, XL tires are used on vehicles that require additional load-carrying capacities, such as heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and ...

The KO2 comes in a load D in 245/65R17 and load C in 265/70R17 - and of course lots of sizes in load E and P-metric. There's also a tradeoff in tread width - for the 245 it's 8" and for the 265 it's 8.8". Many 265 tires have a tread width ~8.4", so neither of these is very different. The 245 would presumably get better mileage, but I'd expect ...Jun 26, 2019 · Today, a Load Range A tire is said to have the equivalent of two plies and a Load Range C has the equivalent of six. That Load Range C tire these days probably only has one or two plies though, thanks to technology. Modern tires, especially those designed for commercial use may have an alphanumeric Load Range classification such as C1 or C2 ...Load Range is crucial, especially for heavy-duty vehicles and hauling tasks. Choosing the right Load Range is like picking the perfect shoe for a long hike - you want something that can endure the journey without falling apart. Tire Load Index vs Load Range: Decoding the Relationship

Jun 26, 2019 · Today, a Load Range A tire is said to If you own a Samsung front load washer and are experiencing issues, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. However, before you call a repair technician, there are a few troublesho...Mar 20, 2024 · I found Discount Tire has some Load Range C 37" KO2 KO3 (Whoops, typo) for about $125 less than the load range D or the rest of the 37" tires. My thought is that I should prefer load range C because they'll be more flexible, and therefore better for traction and the ability to flex around rocks etc will outweigh the two fewer plies of rubber. Load testing is a crucial aspect of software development and ensures I found Discount Tire has some Load Range C 37&q A C-load range is six-ply rated and has a maximum PSI rating of 50 pounds per square inch. A D is eight-ply rated and up to 65 PSI and the higher the alphabet letter, the higher the ply rating and load range. And guys, to find what those load range weight ratings are, they will be listed on the sidewall or when you're searching tires on ... The tire load index rating communicates how many pounds a ti These 205/75R15 five-lug trailer tires and rims are in load range C with a weight rating of 1,820 pounds. The maximum tire pressure is 50 psi. These tires are compatible with most popular boat ...Expert Reply: Load range D has a capacity of 1,220 lbs at 65 psi, whereas load range E has a capacity of 1,520 lbs at 80 psi. Basically the only difference between the two is the weight capacity. With trailer tires you always want to have them inflated to their maximum that way you get the best handling, braking and wear characteristics. Shop Online Tire Deals. 5% Off tire & wheel purchases with anLook at the load rating in comparison to the Radial special trailer tire provides excellent traction All load range "C" tires (the old "6-ply" rating) can be inflated to 50 psi, "D" (8-ply) to 65 psi and "E" (10-ply) to 80 psi. LT tires are designed to minimize internal heat and to endure elevated internal heat levels for long periods. Typically, LT tires are made of higher quality materials than P-metric tires, and their ... A tire’s load index number is a number that corresponds P-metric sized tires--passenger tires with sizes starting with a "P" such as P235/75R15--are given a load range rating of either SL or XL. SL stands for Standard Load and XL indicates extra load. An SL-rated tire has its maximum load capacity at an inflation pressure of 35 psi. XL tires can carry a heavier load when inflated to 41 psi. Remember, the load index tells you how much weight a single tire [Expert Reply: Load range D has a capacity of 1,220 lbs at 65 psi, wherThere are fewer and fewer load range C tires in 15" for my J They are heavy load range C tires with tough sidewalls, but oddly they flex really well aired down. I run 12 in the sand and 14-15 in the rocks to keep the sidewall from getting pinched against the wheel. I originally thought I'd need beadlocks but with sidewalls this flexible there is no need. Old Dogger Well-Known Member . First Name Bill Joined …The capacity is designated by the letter C and D. In this case, the D ranged tires are higher in capacity. The size does matter in the case of performance. The maximum capacity of any load range tires is more or less the same. For instance, LT245/75R16 tires have a load capacity of 2205 lbs and 2623 lbs for C-rated and D-rated, respectively.